Solid Paulownia Chest, Tenchimaru type Two-Piece Traditional Chest

This paulownia chest is made of 20-mm-thick solid paulownia wood, and its main feature is the process of rounding off the four sides (four corners) of the chest. This is why it is called "tenchimaru" or "shihomaru," since it depicts rounding heaven and earth.Tenchimaru is also said to be an auspicious type of chest because of its appearance, which is described as "fitting all four sides in a circle." The top-of-the-line Tenchimaru model is the "Thick-bodied Tenchimaru," of which the top, base, and body panels are all 40-mm-thick, and the outer surface is chamfered with an auspicious chamfer known as a "ginkgo" surface.
*The image with the middle doors open shows the Thick-bodied Tenchimaru.


Solid Paulownia Chest, Thick-bodied Tenchimaru type Three-Piece Traditional Chest with Obi Tray

This is a high-grade version of the Tenchimaru, a chest with a 40-mm-thick body. The main body is composed of three sections, or pieces. The three-piece design includes a pleasing curved embellishment on the bottom two surfaces of the top section, complementing the Tenchimaru basic shape. In addition, the height of this chest stand is 12 mm higher than that of two-piece version. The middle section has five trays for kimono and four trays for obi, along with three small drawers.

Solid Paulownia Chest, Thick-bodied Tenchimaru type Three-Piece Sho Chest

The Sho chest is a model in which all the lower sections below the sliding doors are composed of drawers. It is commonly used for tall paulownia chests and higher-grade paulownia chests. A set consisting of a Traditional chest and a Sho chest is also called a married couple's chest. Three-piece chests consists of three sections stacked on top of each other, which are correspondingly referred to as the lower box, the middle box, and the upper box. Higher-grade paulownia chests, which incorporate many intricate designs, tend to be heavier than ordinary paulownia chests. Therefore, it is common for such chests to be divided into three main sections or pieces.