Mingei Kiinokuni Series

This series has a double-layered top panel, the same as the Doumaru type, which has the advantage that the top panel is less prone to warping even when heavy objects are placed on it. The shorter variants, such as the five-drawer chest, have become popular because they easily allow for the placement of vases and other decorative items. The most distinctive feature is Azuma's original coloring-roasted paulownia persimmon tannin polishing powder finish.
Generally, the finish of roasted paulownia becomes stained when wet, but Azuma's unique technique uses only natural lacquer to produce a finish that leaves no water stains, making this chest very user-friendly. The hardware is impressive with ornate peony patterns. Also, each drawer can be locked. (The drawers have hidden locks.) This series has also been selected as a "Premier Wakayama Certified Product" recommended by the Governor of Wakayama Prefecture.


Five-Drawer Chest

This five-drawer chest is a long-selling model, instantly recognizable as one of Azuma's paulownia chests. From the body to the drawers, all materials are made from paulownia wood with straight grain and low distortion called "Masa". In addition to roasted paulownia persimmon tannin polishing powder finish, a traditional craft finish known as polishing powder finish is also available. This is a compact yet versatile Kosode chest that can hold kimono, accessories, and even ordinary clothes. The three small drawers and four large drawers, including the hidden keys, can all be locked by key. In addition, a hidden compartment is also included.

Seven-Drawer Chest

This seven-drawer chest was created for customers who desire more drawers than the five-drawer version. The main body can be separated into two parts for ease of transport in compact spaces such as staircases spaces. From the main body to the materials of the drawers, all wood components are made of paulownia wood with straight grain and low distortion called "Masa". Despite this chest being a two-piece design, it maintains a single continuous piece of wood from top to bottom, making it remarkably distinguished by its beautiful wood grain. The three small drawers and the six large drawers, as well as hidden compartments, can all be locked by key. In addition, hidden compartments are also included.

Five-Shaku Chest

This is the flagship model of the Mingei Kinokuni series. This gorgeous paulownia chest is lavishly decorated with heavy peony hardware to match its overwhelming 1500-mm width. All wood materials from the main body to the drawers are made of paulownia wood with straight grain and low distortion called "Masa". This is a large-capacity paulownia chest with seven large drawers and seven small drawers for a total of 14 drawers. In addition to the traditional hidden safe, another hidden compartment is included. Customers can also order their own original hidden compartment.

Traditional Chest

This is a traditional chest with a reduced height of 1500 mm. It is compact with a low height, but inside the doors is a space for a bag, three kimono trays, and a wardrobe box that can easily hold a kimono set. The wardrobe box allows the user to load a complete kimono set within a paulownia box into a vehicle and take it to a wedding, funeral, or other event without risking the kimono getting dirty. It was created based on the idea of the company's fifth president, who is a craftsman and wears kimono on a regular basis. Inside the doors of the roasted paulownia chest, the typical finish is polishing powder finish. However, our roasting technique allows us to control the temperature and shape of the flames, enabling us to provide two different shades of paulownia wood: the natural color and the roasted color.

Coat Chest

This is a 1800-mm high and 600-mm deep Mingei Kinokuni series coat chest. All wood materials from the main body to the doors are made of paulownia wood with straight grain and low distortion called "Masa". The large door has a removable shelf inside, and neckties can be hung on the back of the door. Additionally, it is possible to create custom-made drawers and design hidden compartments upon request.