Fuga Series

The Fuga series is crafted using the wood of the "Sen" tree (castor aralia), which is native to Hokkaido, and paulownia.
It embodies a combination of traditional Japanese craftsmanship with antique furniture design. If you pull out the drawers and look closely, you will find that the front is crafted using the "Wrapped Dovetail Joint," and the back is made with the "Fixed-form Dovetail Joint." This is an authentic traditional craft chest. It is truly a "fusion of Japanese and Western" furniture, incorporating antique furniture design to match today's Western-style rooms, and compensating for the weak shellac coating of antique furniture by using a wipe lacquering finish. Fifth Generation Fukutaro Azuma received the Grand Prize at the Kyoto Traditional Arts and Crafts New Artist Exhibition.


Living Room Cabinet

Fifth Generation Azuma Fukutaro was awarded the Grand Prize at the Kyoto Traditional Arts and Crafts New Artist Exhibition for this model. It is also the model that started the Fuga series. Inside the glass doors on the right, there are three movable shelves that can be used to store various items of interest such as wine glasses and antiques. On the left side, there are six small drawers crafted by employing traditional techniques.

Writing Bureau

This model was made to match the living room cabinet of the Fuga series. The top door opens to become a study. In the center, there is a drawer made using traditional craft techniques. Lastly, the bottom door opens to reveal a movable shelf. We also have other chairs and table sets in the Fuga series that match the living room cabinet and writing bureau.

TV Cabinet

On the left side there are two traditionally-crafted drawers, in the middle, there are double doors, and on the right, there is a single swing door. The middle doors open into a space that has a hole in the back panel for wiring to be pulled through so that a DVD player or other AV equipment can be conveniently housed within. Moving shelves are also provided to accommodate various sizes of AV equipment. There is also a movable shelf behind the right door, which can be used in various ways depending on the items to be stored.

Five-Drawer Chest

This chest consists of three small drawers along the top, and four large drawers stacked vertically below. It comes with a few hidden compartments. For security reasons, the hidden compartments will only be revealed to customers who have purchased the product. Furthermore, custom orders for hidden compartments can also be accommodated.