Restoration and Remodeling

Because Azuma is well-versed in traditional craftsmanship,
we can also accommodate the restoration and remodeling of furniture filled with cherished memories.
With genuine expertise in the construction of paulownia chests as well as woodworking and lacquer arts, we breathe new life into furniture using "authentic craftsmanship," infusing it with a renewed spirit.


Azuma's restorations are made to order. We can accommodate custom orders based on your preferences in terms of price, specifications, and restoration methods. We are able to replace metal fittings, repaint with colored lacquer for a modern look, correct warping or bending, and perform various other modifications. We will do our best to accommodate your requests, even if other companies have declined them as impossible.


Remodeling is a technique of remaking that can only be achieved by those who are well-versed in "authentic traditional craftsmanship." We can change a chest with a roasted finish to a lacquered finish by reworking it, or convert a double-layered traditional chest into two separate small chests. We can transform furniture embodying cherished memories into pieces that suit your current lifestyle, according to your preferences.